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18 Feb 2012 Wonderland Online Bursting Guide by shadwblitz The difference between the level of the combo leader and the level of the mob. Here, you
15 Jul 2010
29 Jul 2009 Leveling Up Guide: Level 1-10. For people who need help leveling up fast, here is a tip. Go to welling and get the remote, when you get it
15 Aug 2012 This site provide free guide and info for quest, leveling, character, pet, fast, Levelling during Double EXP in Wonderland Online in Wonderland Online to level up character fast and get many EXP per battle, is this cheat?
The screenshot to the right, is an example of how much damage is done while bursting. If you want to level up a lot faster than you would during "regular" training
23 Jun 2012
Lvl 1-100 guide (no burst pure grinding :D) - Wonderland Online Database.
2 Feb 2009 Wonderland is a 2D adventure MMORPG based on several ancient South American and pacific Island cultures, the Game Guide Then you can go to the North Island and work hard to reach level 3 by killing Jelly Monsters.
Making a Good Decision in RB: (guide for newbies) - Wonderland Online Database. You can use capsules to level to 199 , debuff training ETC. .. (Solo'd the GS quest ).
My guide for level up very easy, but maybe have risk. But you And we bot get uor butts kicked by cirruses, is thes for a 4 person team or solo?