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Comments: I was transitioning from the Wilson "tweener" racquet, the Hyper Hammer, so this racquet took some time to adjust to. So unless you are planning to put some very strong, durable string such as Luxilon, I think that (due to the string pattern) the string will break very soon. Prince Warrior 100 ESP Racquets.
The Wilson Steam 99 LS comes with a Wilson Sublime replacement grip, which is very similar to the Prince ResiPro replacement grip in my opinion. I would highly advise frequent string-breakers or those on a budget to put polyester in the string bed as the wide-open string pattern will lead to more string movement and
I use 4G in the mains and a Prince Synthetic Gut in the crosses. It lasted me a match and a half. I'm going to get 2 more of these. I surely hope Wilson can make a 95 square inch racquet with this string pattern. In my opinion it would be the ultimate racquet. This racquet generates so much spin. Another good racquet from
Prince Tennis Patterns 800-283-6647. O3 & O PORT RACQUETS: Start main string at top of racquet (Method B) except certain AirO models. Many will require a flat washer to prevent the Start Pin from pulling through the large O ports. We have included a washer in your Maintenance Packet for this
29 Nov 2012 With the new Wilson Steam 99S and 105S that may change. I guess we can expect a whole lot of new 15 gauge strings as the introduction of the new 16/15 string pattern will increase demand for thick durable strings. I am already curious what happens if other racquet brands launch there own 16/15 (or
[Archive] Strings for Wilson Steam 99S 16x15 Tennis Strings. I just purchased the Steam 99LS, Looking forward to try out the different string pattern. I have been using Prince Synthetic Gut 16@58lbs for a number of years, and I find myself breaking strings within 45 minutes of play with the 99S racquets.
Updated with a new cosmetic, this racket delivers a unique combination of speed and spin. This is a great option for the burgeoning topspin player or anyone who wants a lighter (and easier) road to spin. String Pattern: 16x15. Standard Length.
View and download all available Prince Racquet Stringing Instructions in Adobe PDF format: TENNIS RACKETS. EXO3 Warrior · EXO3 Tour Team 100 · EXO3 Rebel 98 · EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 · EXO3 Rebel Team 98 · EXO3 Ignite 95 · EXO3 Ignite Team 95 · EXO3 Rebel 95 · EXO3 Rebel Team · EXO3 Tour 100 18x20.
Wilson Tennis Patterns 800-272-6060 Key: M = Main String. C = Cross String. T = Top of Frame. B = Bottom of Frame. S = Short Side Main. String Measurement. Used For One Piece Stringing . BLX STEAM 100, 53 - 63, 20'M - 18'C, 16M X 20C, 7,9T - 7,9B, 5T, 7T, 4T - 12B. BLX STEAM 105 S, 57 -
Patterns. more sports soccer volleyball badminton fastpitch platform tennis racket stringing instructions wilson pro staff racquets. Stringing Instructions. - Racquet Review: Wilson Steam 99LS. - Tennis ball spin string tennis racquets string pattern made popular by Wilson & Prince) – each with 3 color choices.

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