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13 Sep 2006 Manual – Enlisted). 1. Policy a. The objective of Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) regarding rating conversions is to encourage members to serve in a rating for which Navy's requirements shall take precedence. Procedures for .. are authorized into the following ratings: LN, NC, MA, and RP.
30 Apr 2014 that type of comment was borderline insubordination, according to Navy regulations. Navy Instruction KFGKSBT38958747.156D states the proper reason for sailors to cross-rate to Navy Counselor is to have a job that has little oversight, no accountability, and a way to blame all mistakes on other people.
7 Nov 2013 a. The Navy counselor (NC) rating (less career recruiter force (CRF)) assists commands in organizing and implementing an aggressive enlisted command career development and retention program. NCs are the commands' principal advisors on policies and regulations related to Navy career planning
Records 6600 - 6699 Cross Rate Instruction Navy. Navy Counselor Career Recruiter Force. (NC CRF). NC (CRF) COMMUNITY OVERVIEW ·. NC (CRF) FTS COMMUNITY OVERVIEW · CANREC COMMUNITY. detachment receives in-depth cross training to enable them to perform in The SB rate is sea-duty intensive. Exhibit
25 Jul 2014 COMUSFLTFORCOM/NAVPERSCOM INSTRUCTION 1300.1A. Subj: ENLISTED MANNING POLICY cross MCA lines will be communicated to the gaining and losing. MCA. PERS-4013 shall refer situations to the two MCAs in each rate, rating, and closed-loop Navy enlisted classification (NEC) code
Because the NC rating accepts only petty officers first and second class, it is not open to first-term enlistees. A Navy person who intends Supervises the daily routine of the Sailors assigned to the Navy Recruiting Station to ensure assigned mission requirements are attained. Conducts activity and market
21 Apr 2016 COM. 882-2102. (901) 874-2102. NAVPERSCOM CUSTOMER. SERVICE CENTER. Phone: Toll Free. E-mail: 1-866-U ASK NPC References (a) each rating based on training and job performance requirements . follows: a. Navy counselor (NC) (less career recruiter force) rating.
17 Nov 2015 instruction, ensuring proper recognition is bestowed on the awardee . Rank/Rate followed by a hyphen then the code indicating type of award. (Example: . Navy Cross. BS. Bronze Star Medal. NC Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal. DM. Distinguished Service Medal. BV. Bronze Star w/ V Medal.
3 Jan 1992 (2) Navy Cross. (3) Defense Distinguished Service Medal. (4) Distinguished Service Medal. (5) Silver Star Medal. (6) Defense Superior Service Medal. (7) Legion of .. sum amount payable shall be determined using the monthly rate that was in effect at NC Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.
8 Sep 2016 This rating requires a thorough knowledge of the Navy organization, including personnel and administrative procedures and policies. Personnel and office administration, Navy rights and benefits, methods and dynamics of counseling Group and individualized instruction, and labs. Rinc, Zone Supervisor